From our Founder

PERAZIM School of Chaplaincy & Theological Seminary, USA


Welcome to PERAZIM School of Chaplaincy & Theological Seminary, USA. 

We are thrilled to have you choose us as your training ground for your kingdom and secular assignment that God has laid on your heart. 

We have A Great Vision! 

And God is helping us in a very strange way. 

‘PERAZIM’ means Strange works based on Isaiah 28:21. 

PERAZIM is Strange, Peculiar, and Unorthodox in our kingdom ways. And we want you to become part of this strange, unorthodox spirit filled end time army of God that will color the world and impact generations as God performs strange works through you in which ever space you find yourself. 

We trust that as we endeavor to Educate, Enable, and Empower you in this 1-stop institution of training, your 1-stop resource center for all your Christ-kingdom related studies that you shall enjoy a robust and fulfilling life and become the blessing that God created you to be more than ever before in Jesus name. Amen.